Chinese Proverb

Red Threads:
When a child is born, an invisible red thread reaches out from the child's spirit and connects to all important people who will enter the child's life. As the child grows, the threads shorten, bringing closer those people who are destined to be together.
Chinese Proverb

Monday, December 12, 2011

Sunday in Guangzhou

Austin loves ice cream.

7-11 is a daily stop for us.

This was a gift basket from the hotel.

We took a walk in the park across the street from the hotel.

Austin eating his first Mexican food. We took a taxi over to this restaurant. We wanted to try it.

Austin is doing much better today. He now lets Mama hold him. Mama carried him to breakfast and he sat in her lap the whole time. He is now more trusting of us and he is showing us smiles more often. He is even babbling more today. We do not understand much of what he says but we are happy he is trying to talk to us. He also seems to understand some English already. We are very blessed to have him and we are so thankful he is opening up to us. We cannot wait to introduce him to his sisters. We miss the girls so very much and we will be so happy to be together again. It is so much harder than we expected to be separated from our girls. We are counting down the days. We are very glad we experienced China and would love to come again one day with our girls. This is Austin's birth place and very special to us. We are so thankful China allowed us to adopt Austin. He completed our family and we are over the moon excited. Only better thing will be to have him home in Tennessee with the rest of our family. Girls we miss and love you more than you will ever know.
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  1. Oh, that's great to hear Austin is letting his mama in! What fun that you got to try Mexican food in China.

  2. Woohoo!!!! I'm so glad you are closer to being home!! If there is any possible way when we go through Nashville after Christmas I want to come by an met you and see Austin and let you meet Zoey!!! Not much longer now! So glad he doing better!!!

  3. Congratulations, you guys! Congrats Austin! I am SO thrilled for you - and you guys have been in my prayers for months!