Chinese Proverb

Red Threads:
When a child is born, an invisible red thread reaches out from the child's spirit and connects to all important people who will enter the child's life. As the child grows, the threads shorten, bringing closer those people who are destined to be together.
Chinese Proverb

Sunday, June 12, 2011

More news from China

This is a part of a post from our angels on a mission trip to Chenzhou.  I do want to thank them for updating us about our Austin, and helping so many orphans while they were there.  Please pray for them to have a safe trip home.

"To the Grummons family:
Your baby boy is just like a little teddy bear:) he's very chubby and a happy little boy. I think Lori and Shannon have pictures/video of me making him laugh (I'm not sure where it is though... Maybe check flikr again. If not we'll make sure you'll get them when we get home--I know you want them now, though!). He's very ticklish! :) I have some pictures of him standing up, but I don't think he's taking steps yet. They have a bar in the playroom where they have the kids stand to gain muscle to stand and walk, and he was standing there one day and moving his legs around. Austin is active, moving his arms around and playing a lot. He's generally a very happy baby, though. :)

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