Chinese Proverb

Red Threads:
When a child is born, an invisible red thread reaches out from the child's spirit and connects to all important people who will enter the child's life. As the child grows, the threads shorten, bringing closer those people who are destined to be together.
Chinese Proverb

Monday, January 24, 2011

Already Preparing

I guess I am nesting way too soon. It is so easy when you are not pregnant and sick. I am buying clothes and toys for our little man. I do not even know what size clothes he will wear but I am making my best guess. I want his room ready and his closet full of stuff. I hope everything waiting for him will speed the process along. I know it is wishful thinking but hope is what gets us through the days. My goal is to have a perfect room. Our little man has never had anything that belonged to him. Nothing he could call his own. Our job is to make him feel safe and loved as well as show him what is possible with the love of a mom and dad. We will be able to give him all the things he has never had. We cannot wait.

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