Chinese Proverb

Red Threads:
When a child is born, an invisible red thread reaches out from the child's spirit and connects to all important people who will enter the child's life. As the child grows, the threads shorten, bringing closer those people who are destined to be together.
Chinese Proverb

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Travel Plans Are Confirmed

On Friday December 2 we leave Nashville on American Air  at 9:05 AM arriving in Chicago at 10:50 AM.

We depart Chicago on Cathay Pacific at 2:20 PM arriving in Hong Kong on Saturday Dec 3 at 8:20 PM (that is a 16 hour in the air experience).

We spend the night in Hong Kong on Saturday December 3 at the Marriott Hotel.

We depart Hong Kong on Cathay Pacific on Sunday December 4 at 4:50 PM arriving in Changsha at 6:20 PM.

We are staying at the Dolton Hotel in Changsha.

On Monday, December 5, Austin will be in our arms forever.

On Tuesday, December 6, We will finalize the Chinese side of the adoption. Austin will be officially ours.

On Wednesday and Thursday, December 7 and 8, We will tour Hunan and learn about Austin's birth province.

On Friday, December 9, We pick up Austin's Chinese passport and fly to Guangzhou on China Southern Airlines departing at 8:00 PM arriving at 9:10 PM.

We are staying at China Hotel in Guangzhou.

On Saturday, December 10, We have Austin's medical exam and visa paperwork.

On Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, December 11-13, We are touring Guangzhou and spending time with other adoptive families.

On Wednesday, December 14, We have our US Consulate Appt. This will finalize the US side of the adoption.

On Thursday, December 15, We will pick up Austin's visa packet. We will take a 6:15 PM train to Hong Kong. We will spend the night at the Regal Hotel in Hong Kong.

On Friday, December 16, We head home. We depart Hong Kong on Cathay Pacific at 11:15 AM arriving in Chicago at 12:20 PM. It will be another 16 hour flight except we will have Austin. Once we get off the plane in Chicago we will go through immigration and Austin will be an American. We then have an American Air flight departing at 3:25 PM arriving in Nashville at 4:50 PM.

As you can see, we have many miles to travel. We are going to different cities. We will be away from our 3 girls at home.  We appreciate all the prayers and well wishes. We really need prayers, lots of prayers. We need them for Austin to have a smooth transition, the 3 of us to have a safe return to Nashville, and our 3 girls at home to have a good time with their grandmothers. Please follow along and leave us comments. We will look forward to reading them as they are our connection to home.


  1. Have a wonderful trip! We took this same trip to Changsha two years ago at this same time of year. I am looking forward to following you on your journey--and I will keep you all in my prayers.

  2. I can't wait till that sweet little boy is in your arms for good. Try not to worry about things while you are gone.